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CONTORT is a fun program for distorting and merging parts of pictures to produce surreal effects
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20 March 2007

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contort is a fun program which gives a dreamlike effect to images by distorting and merging its parts.
Wouldn’t it be fun to twist, nudge, implode, explode any part of a picture. Now even you can do this with the help of this program. Merge in images with any parts from other images without noticing any joints. You would be amazed to know that its other features are: blushing of colors, inverse brightness, pencil draw effect and rotation. Areas could be highlighted by changing contrast or colors in any parts of the picture. Any part of the picture can be wrapped or distorted. With whole picture merging option you could go for fun by creating weird images. Try it on a close-up human portrait of a friend or family member to see the fun.
Hence, create your own fun images with contort this program is designed with simplicity so that you could comfortably use it.

Publisher's description

CONTORT is a fun program for distorting and merging parts of pictures to produce surreal effects.
Create surreal and funny images by exploding, imploding, nudging and twisting any part of the picture.
Merge in parts of other images without any visible join. Record these actions in an AVI animation movie while you work with CONTORT.
Other features include a pencil draw effect, entering arbitary text, color blushing, segmenting, embossing, contoring, and other distortion effects.
Combining any or all of these features will create amazing weird and wonderful effects.
Version 2.7
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